Friday, December 16, 2011

Buy a Sponsorship on the back.

Sponsor our shirt for our Endangered Species of  Florida.  Your price includes your tee shirt.
There are only 9 slots on the back of this tee. 
Facebook special is $85
Regular  $150.00

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Think Pink Art Social

Be a supporter and help out a cause.  Come to our Think Pink Art & Cupcake & Champagne Social.

ART, silent auctions, custom wine, books all for sale. 

It is will be at 
Anthony & Trina Burks Home Studio
703 39th Street
West Palm Beach, FL 33407

CASH, Checks & Visa/MC & AMEX all accepted.

Donations also accepted.

50% of the proceeds will be split between Susan G Komen & a local recipient (fellow artist

Whether you attend or not. You can still help by making a purchase online. 

Follow our silent auction on Twitter @collabartistspb.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sponsors needed for the Endangered Florida Species

March 16, 2012 A.T.B Fine Artists & Designers LLC are hosting a Endangered Florida Species Exhibition.  Proceeds for the sale of the art  will be going to three charities the Busch Wildlife Santuary, the Arthur R. Marshall Foundation & the Loggerhead Marinelife Center. The event will be at the Paul Fisher Gallery. Paul Fisher also sits as part of the Advisory council for the Marshal Foundation.
Presently we are raising money to help with the programming of the event and/or supporting the charities.. The levels of contribution are listed below.

  1. Logo- The corporate id of your company will be listed on the event banners. Each contributor receives the Endangered Species t-shirt- $50
  2. Logo/URLThe corporate id  & weblink of your company will be listed on the event banners.  Each contributor receives the Endangered Species.-$75
  3. V.I.P Individual- This person gets special recognition on all printed literature & advertising for the event. They also will receive a hand signed & embellished Artist print of the Endangered FL animal of Anthony Burks' images (30% tax deductible)-$250
  4. Framing- You chose one of the endangered animals to frame for a municipality (city, county or district) or charity building to temporarily hang the work for the show. Or to help frame one of the 3 gifts that will be going to one of the charities on the event night. You will receive a Limited edition giclee print of the endangered animal of your choice. Framing by M&M Studios Inc: Custom Framing & Fine Art Printing. -$400
  5.  Wine label- your company sponsors a custom private stock limited edition case of wine (choice of red or white ) by P.R.P Wines International with one of the 12 endangered animals. You will receive a Limited edition giclee print of the endangered animal of your choice.-$500.00
  6. V.I.P Corporate- This covers a table of 6.  The table will have a bottle of the limited edition reserve wine, & each person at the table will get a signed artist print by artist Anthony Burks.  Each table will be themed after on of the featured Endangered FL Species. Only 12 tables will be available.  (30% tax deductible)-$1200
  7. Foster parent- You will be temporarily fostering one of the available animals for the Anthony Burks Endangered Florida Species. The piece will be delivered to your business or residence newly framed by M&M Studios Inc: Custom Framing & Fine Art Printing.  The work must be returned for the show case in March.  If you choose to want to buy the piece at the show, your foster fee with be subtracted from the original price. (30% tax deductible)-$1500
  8. Endangered Florida Species by Anthony Burks Art Owner- You can purchase the piece of your choice outright before the showcase, however you must agree that the work will be available to show for exhibit in March. (30% tax deductible)-$3800
  9. Limited edition giclees- You will be sponsoring 100 limited edition giclees of one the 12 endangered animals from Anthony Burks' collection printed by M&M Studios Inc: Custom Framing & Fine Art Printing. . You will receive 25 of those limited edition to keep for your personal use. (30% tax deductible)-$8500
  10. Or support us here

Choose your sponsorship

Monday, September 26, 2011


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A.T.B. Fine Artists & Designers // We're Off To A Great Start!
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A.T.B. Fine Artists & Designers
703 39TH ST
WEST PALM BEACH, Florida 33407
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A.T.B. Fine Artists & Designers | 703 39TH ST | 703 39TH ST | WEST PALM BEACH | FL | 33407
 WEST PALM BEACHFlorida 33407
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A.T.B. Fine Artists & Designers | 703 39TH ST | 703 39TH ST | WEST PALM BEACH | FL | 33407

Friday, August 19, 2011

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Advertise on ME-order here

10 years ago we did a very inexpensive yet smart idea that helped promote my E-bay networks' online stores.  Basically they bought a space ON OUR TEE to advertise their business....we  got the idea from a man who had people bid to permanently Tattoo their company on him.....we are not going that drastic

Since it is the summer, & we are constantly out & about @ events... we always wear tee shirts. We design a billboard tee & you put your business on my tee. 

BUY A SPACE ON ME Honestly it worked. we had people walking up to me putting URL's & phone # into their Blackberry's right off my shirt. Business went up for the companies 20%. Once you buy the space & pay.. you send us either a JPG of your logo or your URL THAT'S IT.... the rest is up to us . Send your JPG ( no smaller than 200dpi)&/or URL to

Promote, your products, stores, events, books, online buisnesses, services, movie, production...etc..

Buy a space.. buy it now!!

$10 for an URL only
$25 for logo only
$35 for PWBN for the logo & URL & free shirt shipped to you
$50 for the logo & URL & free shirt shipped to you

Choose one