Monday, March 14, 2016

Anthony Burks Sr. Ethnic Mermaid Coloring Book

Artist Anthony Burks Sr. talked about adult type coloring books going on Five years. He felt that the concept of a more stylized and sophisticated themed book for adults to color was needed on the market. 

Three years ago, he had commented on the fact that there wasn't really ethnic looking mermaids exhibited too often. (African American, Asian, Latina & Native American). He came out with a mixed media series on wood showing woman with thicker textured hair, strong noses and shapely bodies in color. Then two years ago, Anthony started creating black & white pen & ink stylized drawings while teaching a class. Born were the coloring book characters.

This unusually long 6"x18" coloring book is now available. 
It can be shipped to you, USPS priority mail only.
Order below.

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