Saturday, June 4, 2016

Collaboration: African Diaspora Exhibition III

Collaboration: African Diaspora Exhibition at the Center for Creative Education Produced by A.T.B Fine Artists & Designers LLC

The vision of this is to have an African Diaspora (The African diaspora was the movement of Africans and their descendants to places throughout the world – predominantly to the Americas) exhibition at the Center for Creative Education. 

This is the third installment of the exhibition.  Originally created in 2013, the African Diaspora had displayed a vast variety of artists from around the country.  We have achieved this not simply hanging art on a wall or sitting it on a pedestal. It was accomplished by unique story telling through the eyes, hands and lips of the artists themselves.

Photography by Durga Garcia

Photography by Durga Garcia

The focus is to show the community that there is another aspect of art & culture in a community that many of the Palm Beach County community have yet to experience.  This year’s group includes artists who are originally from, reside or are represented in the state of Florida in one location here in Palm Beach County.  The concept of art itself does not have to be in reflection of the diaspora.

Photography by Lance Connelly

We believe that with the partnership of CCE & A.T.B. the Diaspora will be another great success.

Join us for the opening

Saturday, September 10, 2016 | 6-8:30 PM
The Gallery at Center for Creative Education
425 24th St, West Palm Beach, Florida 33407
Suggested $10 Entry (Charitable Donation to CCE’s mission in helping children learn through the arts)

The exhibition runs from September 3-October 21, 2016.
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Participating artists include:

Addonis Parker
Anthony Burks Sr.
Ashley Dias
Barbara Cheives
Carl Craig
Caron Bowman
Cheryl Edwards
Daniel Fortune
David German
Derin Young
Emmanuel Aderele
Everett Spruill
Florida Highwaymen
• AJ Brown
• Isaac Knight
• Roy McLendon Jr.
Gillian Kennedy Wright
Greg Pitts
Henrimae Bell

Jacqueline Arrieux
James A. Rush
Jonathan Knight
Julia Polonyi
Kianga Jinaki
Lyndale Pettus
Maria Luisa Pflucker
Nate Dee
Neil McConney
Ore’al Bluntson
Patrick Foucauld
Ramel Jasir
Robert McKnight
Rodney Jackson
Scott Jeffries
Shani Simpson
Thomasina Jackson
Tonya Akins
Tracy Guiteau

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