Friday, April 15, 2022

Natural Beauty: Nicole Escalera Prints


We are so happy to announce the installation of Natural Beauty: Nicole Escalera mural installed Downtown West Palm Beach, FL on the 500 Block of Clematis on Artist Alley. This is thanks to the City of West Palm Beach's Community Redevelopment Agency and ArtLife

To commemorate the occasion ATB is bringing out limited edition giclee prints:
17"x17"- $85
36"x36" $350

As well as
36"x36" Remarque print- $800
(limited edition 20CT)
Remarque: a hand drawn, etched, or incised scribble or sketch on the giclee print

Anyone who pre-orders a giclee will be added into a raffle, the winner will receive a Remarque print. (valued at $800) in lieu of the regular giclee

Place your order.

Preorder Natural Beauty: Nicole Escalera Limited Edition Giclees


Remarque Print

Artist Alley

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